Dry Gravel Garden
Chorlton, Manchester


We were invited by our clients in Chorlton, Manchester to design a sustainable garden that would complement their retro fitted passive home.


We worked collaboratively to achieve this garden, a fully functioning dry gravel garden with minimal hard landscaping.


Due to careful planting choices this garden requires no watering even in prolonged dry periods.


The hard landscaping was purposefully restrained, and material chose to echo existing features of the garden and house, allowing the planting scheme to take centre stage.


This project is around 110sqm with an overall project value of £30,000 - A breakdown is detailed below,


£2,000 Design Fee and Project Inspection

£20,000 Hard Landscaping

£3,000 Planting

£1,500 Lighting

£4,000 Finishing Touches - Furniture, Shade Sail, BBQ Bench etc