After completeingĀ a small garden project at the start of this year in Timperley, Cheshire I found myself explaining to one of my employees why it was that the garden looked so much larger than before we had started landscaping it. The answer was of course, the change in levels. The garden pictured was very simple in design on first sight, but once you start to look closer you will notice a number of subtle design elements that fool your eye into thinking the space you are in is actually a lot larger than it really is. The first is the most prominent, instead of a small set of steps you can barely squeeze up, the steps in this garden are practically the full width of the plot. This gives the impression the space is a lot WIDER than it really is. Another design element visible in this garden is contrasts of height. Low clipped buxus hedging planted at the front of boarders edges the lawn, this is in front of tall fence panels, the buxus exaggerates the HEIGHT of the fencing, again tricking your eye into thinking the gardenĀ is a lot larger than it really is. Finally this garden has depth. The staggered fence panels that screen the shed partially block your view of the bottom of the garden, this tricks you into believing there is more to see behind the screens than there really is. This adds DEPTH to the garden.